Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Norway 2017 – In Fusion – Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over

Every years there's a couple of those songs that you really shouldn't find yourself enjoying, but you somehow just can't help yourself. And this is one of them. Admittedly I've always had a bit of a soft spot for 90s Europop singalongs, so I was always likely to be sucker punched by this one. But despite it having all the ingredients for a total disaster of a song, it somehow kinda works, despite itself.

I'm not sure if it's the Christmas chord changes, then Nordic nautical shanty-fuelled chorus, or the fact that I wouldn't fancy taking the band on in a fight, but it's crept under my skin and I just can't get it out. Anybody got any ointment?

One suspects that it'll be just that tad to cheesy for those serious Norwegians, but I wouldn't begrudge it a berth at the big show if it did somehow win. And those gals look like they are aware of what it is to party, too.


  1. For me, the whole Norwegian selection is unremarkable - seeing they were hoping for a Eurovision win this year, I'd be surprised if they make it to Saturday...

  2. And BTW, the NRK website has the songs available in the entirety now.


  4. Having listened to all of the songs - I actually think these lovely ladies are a bit of a letdown. The snippet pretty much was the best part. It's very repetitive and not in a good way. there are a few really good alternative in the Norwegian final! Waiting to hear your verdict, Roy.

  5. As relatively varied as it is, there really wasn't anything much else that tweaked my interest muscle. Wrecking Crew got tired pretty quickly, and everything else just meandered along nicely but unremarkably.

    It was only really this song that sated my unquenchable thirst for terrible pop that did it for me.

  6. So was it just me REALLY liking Jowst with Grab The Moment? or Ella with Mamma Boy?

    1. Mamma Boy is the only track I could see making it to the Final but maybe staging will improve a few of these...