Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Italy 2017 - Al Bano - Di Rose e Di Spine

I've got to confess straight up that I bloody love Al Bano. The bloke could stand there and mutter the phone book and I'd be totally hooked (and to be honest at times I think he suite possibly has).

So when I heard he'd be at this year's Sanremo I was beside myself. But understanding that he's been pretty ill around Christmas I concerned whether he'd be up to it. I shouldn't have worried.

Because even though his voice has seen slightly better days, his charm, confidence and pure star power pulled him through, and I had a proper chin wobble on by the final verse. I don't care if he wins or loses (although how cool would that be in Kiev?!) I'm just glad he's there!


  1. Relly, Roy? I'm a bit disappointed... When it started I was asking myself whether Andre Lloyd Webber composed the song because it was so his style. Then it continued and I realized why. It's so reminiscent of Puccini's Nessun Dorma! And dear old Al singing it gave the whole thing a very oily, unsexy shiver down my spine. Nope, we didn't like it at all.

  2. Yeah really.. I've got a real soft spot for crumbly old crooners who are well past their best, but whose voices are imbued with decades of pain and experience.

  3. A true star. His 1996 Sanremo song is pure heart-wrenching emotion.