Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Romania 2017 - Dorel Giurgiu - Be Strong!

I'm in a dilemma here. In this world of fake news and alternative facts I can't quite decide whether this bloke is straight up or not. When he starts up you think he's just some wild random off the street. But once he got goinf I began to have doubts.

Surely this bloke is too good at being bad to be genuine? Surely he's some deadpan comedian pranking the judges for a lark? His moves are too hectically coherant to be the work of a bus station mumbler - they must be. The music too knowingly off kilter.

If this bloke is for real he's the last great lost genius of outsider music. He can't be though. Can he?


Apparently, and quite terrifyingly, he is real. Look at this!


  1. At first it does look as if he's doing a combo Sebstien Tellier and Alf Poier. It looks so planned and directed. And then he starts "singing". He's so all over the place, it's cleared he's not all there at all. And neither is his voice. Yikes!

  2. this guy was our chance at worldwide fame, and we've thrown it away. ;)

    1. Ha! Brilliant! Don't worry, he's become a cult hero on the underweb, and will live longer in the memories than most of the songs this year!