Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Romania 2017 - Anneli Zetterberg - Follow Through

When you're writing a song in a foreign language, it's always useful to ask a native speaker to give it a quick once over, just to check you haven't dropped in anything that might sound perfectly reasonable to you, but that might invoke giggles among those who may imbue those words with an alternative meaning.

So pity poor Anneli here. Upon just one verse/chorus of her earnest, optimistic hymn to doing the right thing you'll be holding back the smirks. By the end you'll be rolling on the floor in childish guffaws.

"I'm not pessimistic," she proudly proclaims. "I'm not superstitious," she adds, kind of strangely, but still on a positive front. "I don't like corruption," she continues quite admirably, before stating "And I don't like consumption". Yep, a bit leftfield there. No one likes tuberculosis, but fair enough. But then she drops the big one.

"But I'm just like you..." Yes... "You have to follow through..." Now hold on a minute!

It would help if she didn't crouch furtively everytime she said it, too...

1 comment:

  1. Poor girl. She really means well, doesn't she? But it's just not good. At all. In any way.