Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sweden 2013 - Sean Banan - Copacabanana

The true star of last year's Melodifestivalen qualifiers was the glorious boy Banan, who provided us with possibly the most complete performance I can ever remember in this contest (It's in the Apocalypse archive, about a year ago - watch it, it's fab!). So I was excited to discover that he was back again for another go.

Sadly though, it's not a patch on his previous effort. The song itself is a bit more of a plodder than last time, and he's packed so much into the the three minutes that I'm sure I noticed a kitchen sink at the back somewhere.

But having said that, our Sean's infectious charm carries him through, and if we hadn't already seen the splendors of last year we'd have thought this was one of the best MF moments we'd ever seen - especially the set piece right at the end!

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