Thursday, 14 February 2013

Germany 2013 - Cascada - Glorious

Well blimey, if a band that the average man in the street has heard of hasn't gone and gotten itself into the Eurovision final. But it was a close run thing. In a slightly baboozling three tier voting process, every local radio station in the country gave LaBrassBanda top marks, but when it came to the juries, that popular crowd pleaser got but a single vote. Hmm... Even Cascada themselves reckoned it looked fishy.

But voting beefs aside, this is no bad thing for Germany. Taking the lead from Loreen on the girl fronted euphoric house front, the Germans now have an internationally known chart act taking the helm in Malmo, and must surely be installed among the pre-match favourites in the betting.

It's just a shame that it sounds like a slightly inferior cover version on one of their own hits.

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