Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Macedonia 2013 - Esma and Vlatko - Imperija

Looks like we've finally got ourselves a Macedonian song. For those who've never come across her, Esma is a legendary Romani singer, Nobel-nominated humanitarian and pure force of nature, while her charge her, Vlatko, is a good-looking up-and-comer. But much of the onus is on him and he strolls about in front of some of downtown Skopje's monstrous recent public capital expenditure while he warbles out a pretty decent Eastern groove. Esma herself adds plenty of colour, and you just can't take your eyes off her every time the pair share a screen.

And while it might not quite have the popular appeal to go all the way, it should sail through its semi, and Esma's charm and reputation alone should carry her a decent way up the table come big Saturday in Malmo.

This pair have only got twelfth place do beat to become the most successful Macedonian entry ever - do you think they're going to manage it? I reckon there's a very decent chance!

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