Sunday, 24 February 2013

Russia 2013 - Dina Garipova - What if...

The Russian song has sneaked out ahead of its supposed big reveal this evening. It's the kind of tender ballad-that-builds sung by a sweet-faced lass that, while it doesn't knock your socks off, always does well on the big night.

In fact it's the kind of song that I wouldn't normally consider even mentioning on Apocalypse had it not almost immediately been accused of plagiarism. There's a lot of that about this year, and most of it is brought up by nitwits who haven't the remotest clue what plagiarism actually means. And so often the wronged original isn't some monster hit from world history, but the b-side of a song that came seventh in the 1993 Belgian national final.

So what is this monolithic original that the Russians have ripped off on their evil path to Eurovision glory? A Hear'say plodder that even their own most rabid fans think is the worst song on the album. Way to go, plagiats!

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