Thursday, 7 February 2013

Germany 2013 - Die Priester & Mojca Erdmann – Meerstern, Sei Gegrüßt

Well this certainly seems to be the year of our Lord - especially if you hail from Germanic climes. Not content with sending his charges in the Salvation Army out to represent the Swiss, the big chap above is going for the double with this band of German priests giving it the chant - albeit with the seemingly obligatory blonde piece belting out the operatics over the top of them.

The German national final is packed to the gills with interesting and credible acts, but this little effort is going to stand out clearly among them, and may be the one the others are fearing on the quiet.

But will the God-hating fan element that took such a dislike to the dear old Swiss Sally Ann take a similar a poor view of this mob and ask them to remove their cassocks? Only time will tell…

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