Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Israel 2013 - Ron Weinreich - Love Is One

The songs from the first Israeli semi-final have just made their way to the web, and among all the moderately Eastern dance thump and mawkish flute-fuelled ballads nestles this rather interesting proposition.

On its own this is a pretty decent slab of bounceabout ethnicky pop sung by a good-looking, amiable kind of chap, and you'd imagine that it must be among the favourites to bag the Kdam gong. But there's a more…

Ron also happens to be a disabled army veteran from a skirmish in Lebanon who performs on stage in a wheelchair. Now while this shouldn't make the remotest difference to you, me or any proper thinking person, I'd be highly surprised if Israeli telly didn't get plenty of mileage out that particular detail.

This one could get a bit interesting.

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