Thursday, 14 February 2013

Slovenia 2013 - Hannah Mancini - Straight Into Love

With its bass-farty womp-womp of an opening, you initially bristle with excitement that Slovenia have gone the whole hog and sent a straight up dubstep song to Eurovision. But then young Hannah starts to sing and you realise that it's little more than a sheep in wolf's clothing, and that it really was just the serviceable Eurodance track that you suspected it was going to be all along.

It's not Ms Mancini's fault, mind, bless her. Some hotshot producer must have been busting to tap into the zeitgeist, and smothered the tune with a rough approximation of the hippest sounds ever to come out of Croydon. It was a brave and well-intentioned attempt, but somehow it's ended up like the musical equivalent of dropping your phone down the toilet when you're trying to send a text - the idea was there, but it all went a bit wrong somewhere along the way.

Still, those opening few seconds will sound ruddy marvellous when pumped through the massive sound system in Malmo…

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