Thursday, 21 February 2013

Moldova 2013 - Doinita Gherman - Planeta e un RAI

Our old friend Doinita is back for another bid for Eurovision glory. One of these days she's going to make it all the way, and this could well be her best shout for a berth in the big show yet.

Considerably more restrained than her other attempts (and if you've not heard her before, seriously, this IS more restrained!), it starts off like a bit of a pub rock plodder, but builds to a crescendo of uplifting folkloric joy - although unusually there's nary a "hey-hey, scha-scha!" to be seen.

She's drawn early in the difficult first semi, but she usually makes the final - so let's hope that this year the good people of Moldova make her dreams come true and let her have another go. And if they don't, well, we can't wait to see what she writes in time for next year!

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  1. She came first in the televoting in the semifinal, third once the jury votes were added! Through to the final.