Friday, 8 February 2013

Romania 2013 - Luminita Anghel - Unique

Well now, I think we may just have found our first contender. The handsome Ms Anghel had got form in this contest, remember, getting her nation their best ever result together with those fiery metal bashers Sistem. But this is a whole different kettle drum of fish.

Stagey, confident and full of dark, imaginative wit, this wouldn't be out of place on the West End stage, and if it manages to ride in on the coat tails of the recent Les Mis hysteria we may well be Bucharest bound come next May. It's even got the word 'rancour' in it, for heaven's sake.

Of course, like our pals Electric Fence, it's not guaranteed that it will even be chosen for the home semi-finals yet. But come on Romania, you'd be daft not to!

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  1. This song is just . . . cool and fit for Eurovision , in my opinion .