Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ireland 2013 - Inchequin – Son Kez/The Last Time

Oh dear, Ireland. Oh dear oh dear. Their list of entrants snuck out this morning, and among them came this drab little oddity. A low energy Irish/Turkish mash up, it offers the pretence of Eastern mystery, but instead just comes over like a slightly polished pub rock plodder.

But I fear that after two years of perfect fun pop from the Jedwards, the collective vote from the counties are going to prefer to go for something they consider more staid and authentic - although it's the kind of authentic that they make in factories after years of careful planning and design. They even chuck a little diddly-di bit in at the end in case you weren't sure.

I've not heard any of their other tunes yet, but if it's the usual Eurosong fodder, I fear this is going to walk the Irish selection, especially if the viewers try to second guess what a pan European audience might be wanting these days. But did anyone tell them that Turkey aren't actually in it this year?

Man, this is hateful in its mediocrity.

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