Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sweden 2013 - Ravaillacz - En Riktig Jävla Schlager

The Swedes are noted as being a polite race. Indeed, they have very few curse words of their own, preferring to either borrow ours, or partake in elaborate analogies like "Your mother convened with a low ranking sailing orderly from Northern Karelia". In fact they've only really got one proper out and out swear word. Jävla.

The official translations will have you think that the title of this song is "A Real Damn Pop Song". Oh no. As mothers of school age children the length and breadth of Sweden will tell you that they swiftly covered their youngster's ears as the words "A Real Fucking Schlager" came pumping out of their early evening tellies.

Of course, you'd expect these four senior gentlemen would know better, until you find out that they can count an actor, a comedian, an old rocker and member of Abba's backing band and a two-time Eurovision veteran among their number. And for providing what is possibly the sweariest contender for the big show to date, we salute them.

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