Monday, 18 February 2013

Italy 2013 - Elio e le Storie Tese & Rocco Siffredi - Un Bacio Piccolissimo

If Winny Puhh hadn't beaten off all competition with a dead wolf, THIS would have been the most gloriously unhinged moment of the whole Eurovision qualifying season. And remember - this lot were only a hair's breadth away from representing Italy on the big show!

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  1. For the non-Italian listeners out there: these guys are probably the best musicians EVER. Check out some of their videos on YT.
    Rocco Siffredi, the extra guy doing the talk, is Italy's most famous porn actor.
    This wasn't the contest entry, btw. The real entry was WAY weirder, "La canzone mononota" ("the one note song"), which is actually sung on a single note.

  2. Cheers for in input, Biggo.

    We ran La Canzone Mononota a few days back, and you;re right, it was way weird. But there's something a bit special about a band with tall heads all clumped together into a tiny space, while a pornista narrated sweetly like a Disney V/O man!

    Definitely one of my finds of the year!

  3. Ah, yes. Sorry, I had been redirected here from somewhere and I didn't scan the blog before posting .-)
    As for Elio e le Storie Tese playing in Sweden, I guess they would be glad to. Just ask 'em, they're an indipendent band. Their musical prowess is only obfuscated by the magnificence of the lyrics, though. I'm not sure the Swede would fully appreciate the madness of their show. But they'll probably joke A LOT about sex and beautiful blond girls (the only thing Italians know about Sweden) .-)