Friday, 26 February 2016

UK 2016 - Joe & Jake - You're Not Alone

Well that was a bit of a nice surprise. Joe from Ruthin and Jake from Stoke only went and won the UK's Eurovision ticket. As the night went on, it was looking like Bianca had it in the bag - even the bookies had them at a huge odds on punt! But somehow the charm of the cheeky chappies won through, and we're sending something that we won't be too embarassed about to the big show!

Joe looks like he'll be all kinds of fun at Euroclub, too.  This could be a lark!

1 comment:

  1. I deliberately avoided listening to any of the songs before the show last night, and the lads were a stand out. I'll not only be buying their song to pop onto my running playlist, but I think (yes, insert the caveat here that says if performed perfectly), it could reach the ESC top ten.