Wednesday 10 February 2016

Iceland 2016 - Greta Salomé - Raddirnar

I wasn't overly impressed why I heard the audio-only version of this tune a few weeks back. OK, so it was a pleasant enough song, delivered engagingly by a singer that we know we can trust, but it was kind of lost in the pack for me. That is until I saw her perform it live. Sometimes it's not merely the staging and attendant mcguffins that make a performance great, but the way the talent interacts with is, and Greta Salomé has got this one pegged bang to rights.

A few less imaginative commentators are calling foul and sying that she's lifting her act from both Loreen AND Måns, but I'm not sure that Loreen has copyrighted crouching down for a bit during about three seconds of a song in any way. The
Måns accuasation is perhaps a tad more precient, but after how many years of artists limply stamping about in front of a dazzling screen, it was about time a few of them finally decided to embrace the art and get creative with the projections. And our lass here does it in shovels.

More reminiscent of that Hungarian shadow mob who kept winning Britain's Got Talent than any kind of animated stickman affair, this screen is an altogether darker proposition, in both tone and colour scheme, and if it's lucky enough to get to Stockholm should yield everybody's favourite icy island it's best result in years. Just as long as them tricky Swedes don't mess about with the back screen's format and shape, that is...

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