Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hungary 2016 - Parno Graszt - Már Nem Szédülök

There's a whole barrage of national finals and big important shows tonight, so it's been tricky to establish just which ones to watch. You can kick the night off with the stuttering Moldovan stream if you've got the energy, then finish off lovely with the Norwegian announcement, but there's a whole clump to watch in the middle that all run at the same time, so you'll have a right brain melt trying to pick your fave. But I'd suggest following our advice and watching A Dal for once in your life.

No, stay with me, you'll be glad. Let's face it, you know what's happening in the Scandis, and can easily catch up on watch again if you don't check your tweets. And to be honest, they're all much a muchness. No, it's going to be a much better watch in Hungary tonight. Just look at the variation. You've got Mushu's storming blues punk, Petruska and his gallic jangle, and that lad Freddie and his impressive chest - plus plenty more interesting oddness besides.

But one thing you don't see so much of these days is a good old fashioned bit of local colour. Even dear old Doinita in Moldova has forgone her familiar turbo folko for something a bit more usual. So we're especially looking forward to seeing the White Horses here, a gypsy folk outfit of some note around those parts, singing a proper stomper, with a fair amount of acting in it too. That poor gal looks like she's going to weep in the middle. This almost certainly isn't going to win, but we'll have a heck of a good time watching it all the same.

So remember kids, watch Hungary tonight. You'll thank me in the end.

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