Friday, 19 February 2016

Bosnia 2016 - Dalal & Deen featuring Ana Rucner & Jala - Ljubav Je

It seems like ages since my favourite little Balkan country was last in Eurovision, and although I was glad it see them back, the news of a returning old boy (or girl) always fills me with worry. All too few recent returnees have relived their former glories to any major success. Indeed scarcely any of them have trawled their bones out of their semis, leaving them foundering indignantly on the rocks of diminishing returns.

So, has our lovely Deen and his many mates provided us with anything decent this time?

Hmm, the jury's out. It starts nice and moodily, with Ms Rucner sawing on her skeletal cello, but when Deen and Dalal kick in, it starts to plod quite heavily, and no amount of familiar Balkan time signaturing and regional pipes can evoke any feelings of power. Things did raise briefly when the beardy rapping lad skulked on, but I was always a fan of a bit of South East European hip hop. But then it's just back to the plod until it ends a bit suddenly.

So overall it's come out a bit lumpy, unfortunately. One of these kinds of songs always does well every year, but we've not heard much from any of their neighbours yet, so they may yet be trumped on the fist pumping Balkan power ballad stakes. What a shame - let's just hope it looks a bit better when they're not stymied by having to perform on different levels of Sarajevo City Hall.

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