Saturday, 13 February 2016

Italy 2016 - Stadio - Un Giorno Mi Dirai

An absolutely smashing thing has been going on all week in Sanremo. At the start of the week you wouldn't given this gaggle of understated old boys a light of hauling in the nobbily trophy and bagging themselves a chance of Eurovision glory. But as the days have slowly rolled by, the wind got in their sails and suddenly they started looking like serious contenders.

And when they walked the covers night the crowd got right behind them and we began to wonder if we weren't going to have a shock on our hands. Indeed, when they did the countdown of the final sixteen to see who was going to be in the superfinal, the normally staid crowd began to chant their name above all the others.

The voting in the final was a proper complicated case of cosines and algebra, and our charming host Carlo Conti kept us hanging on and hanging on for the result, like a never ending Dermot moment in the X Factor. In triplicate. But after an age they were announced as the worthy winners, and looked more surprised than anyone else in the building.

Now, will RAI be brave enough to send this to Sweden? I bloody hope so!

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