Thursday, 25 February 2016

Sweden 2016 - Frans - If I Were Sorry

For the most part, all of the songs in a MelFest semi these days tend to sound alike. Whether they try to disguise it with nominal genres like metal, techno pop, folk or country, they're all got the same verse/chorus structure, with all the same chords, and sound as though they've all been written by the same people - which for the most part they have been.

So to hear the lad Frans here rattle out his reasonable take on the UK singer-songer niche like a heavily accented Jamie T or a boyish Kate Nash in a hat was really rather a nice surprise.

Now, if I'd heard this on the radio in real life, or seen it on a minor stage at Glastonbury I'd have probably muttered something like "Oh for the love of God!" under my breath. But here in this context it stands out like a refreshing sore thumb. My gut instinct suspects that the boy Zia has got this all sewn up, but I really wouldn't count this unassuming little number out of the running, as it might just spring us a pleasant surprise.

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