Saturday, 6 February 2016

Iceland 2016 - Sigga Eyrún - Kreisí

I'd somehow managed to miss this little gem on my first sweep through the Icelandic song - I guess I must have nodded off before I got this far through the list. But so many people have told me that I should give this tune an ear that I relented. And now I'm really rather glad that I did.

It's got the kind of dark, farty keyboard squelches that I'm usually quite partial to, an insistant and unexpected vocal hook on the bridge, and an underlying atmosphere of edginess and oddity that stands out a mile from the otherwise safe batch of her other semi-final contenders.

See if you can make sure that this goes through tonight, if you have the power. Especially if she translates the stageshow from the video directly to the live stage. Oh boy, that would be a thing!


  1. It was quite a thing! Brave choice of dance move at 2:33, though ( ). I rather suspect, baring any major shockers, that we'll see this in the final as the wildcard entry.

  2. Yeah, I thought that was a bit dubious too, Schronker. There's quite a few songs this year that are flirting with notions of mental illness, and I must say, as much as I enjoyed most of this song, that move did leave me feeling a little uncomfortable.