Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Latvia 2016 - Marta Grigale – Choices

I wanted to resist it, but this sweet little song pup has been working its may under my skin, and now I keep finding myself singing it round the house and worrying the neighbours. Well, slightly more than normal.

But on the face of it, I shouldn't really be much bothered with it. Marta looks sweet enough, but gives the impression of a sixth former at a school talent show who's been playing around in mummy's make up box, and stands stock still, reciting a song that could have come straight from a Blue Peter poetry competition.

And yet, one rotation in and the song starts to hook you, and by the end you see it for the innocent, endearing little number that it really is - so much so that we found ourselves cheering ever time she nipped in front of the grievous Samanta Tīna in the televoting. It's unlikely to be troubling the scorers all that much on finals night, but if nothing else, it's achieved the welcome feat of getting bloody Miracle Drums out of my internal jukebox!

1 comment:

  1. i love this song - i wished it to qualify from the start. And whilst I don't speak latvian - i hear dthe judges say, "Cranberries", "bjork" etc :-)