Thursday, 4 February 2016

Latvia 2016 - ElektroFolk - Miracle Drums

 There's quite a few old familiar faces in Latvia this year, and few more welcome to the Apocalypse fold that ElectroFolk. You may remember them as the band who came third in last year's Supernova with their stampy piece of proggy techno folk Sundance. You know, the band with the terrifying baldy bass muso staring out into your living room from beneath his shades.

So when we heard they were having another pop at the contest we were expecting more of the same unintentional comedy gold. But no, they've gone and confounded us all with this rousing slice of uplifting pomp pop. And boy is it confounding.

Imagine, if you will, The Alan Parsons Project remodelling the soundtrack to Les Mis, then chuck in a few more sprinklings of bitter prog granules and you're on the way to guessing it. It's also a song devoid of a crescendo - it just builds and repeats and never quite hits the money shot, leaving you both anxious and spent at the end of it.

Their formation dancing last year was a true wonder to behold, so we can't imagine how they're going to stage it this year! Roll on Supernova - fast becoming one of our new favourite national finals!


  1. when hearing this - I'm just always redirected back to "Love is a wonderful colour" by The Icicle Works - I don't necessarily think they sound alike mind, just feel alike

  2. Ooh, good spot. I know what you mean - that full, bombastic wall of sound kind of thing. Not alike musically, no, but stylistically...I get where you're coming from.