Monday, 25 January 2016

UK 2016 - The Northernettes - Let's Go

Today's the day that the UK's rumour mill finally kicked into full action. I started the day with news that A Better Man might not actually be as vague a story as we first suspected, the soared into dinner time on the back of the terrifying news that Irish old boys Jedward were 100% definitely (honest guv!) going to be representing us in Stockholm. 

But just as I was about to settle down for tea, I was passed a list purporting to be the final six that included A Better Man, two acts from The Voice, one X Factorist, a TOWIE star and a half-baked internet smash. Now there's usually a couple of creatively produced but ultimately fictional lists that start doing the rounds about this time of the year, but there was one artist on that list that made me think that there was at last a whiff of the truth about the list.

This one. The Northernettes are a kind of beat pastiche supergroup made up of three former contestants from BBC's The Voice. Slightly coincidentally they released a rather well-made video of a song that cuts in at just under the three minute mark, and all of a suddenly their YouTube comments started containing a whole slew of references to the big contest in May. This may of course be the usual scant conjecture glueing together a whole bundle of half truths and tittle tattle. But going by the that list, and the snippets of songs claiming to be attached to the contest this year, there's not a lot that's going to come even close to nipping this in a UK final.

Unless the terrible twins really do have a song in the last half dozen after all. And then we're in trouble...


  1. i always wondered what had happened to The Pipettes

  2. God! How I wish this had been our song for 2016,