Saturday, 23 January 2016

Belgium 2016 - Amaryllis - Kick The Habit

I must confess that I missed this one when the Belgian final chugged along the other week. Well, the so gs were so drab and uninspiring you could have forgiven me that. But over the last couple of days a number of you dear readers have been telling me that I really ought to be giving the Amaryllis performance an eye. And oh my heavens what a performance I missed.

So what happens when you have a dull, repetative song that nobody remembers, but throw some ludicrously excessive staging at it to entertain the eye? No bleeder listens to the song - they're all too busy pointing and laughing at all the on stage macguffins!

I won't tell you what happens though. It's more fun if you go into this one blind!


  1. Another one worth a gander, from today's A Dal. It's through to round 2. I want to know why the dancers are wearing American football shoulder pads. Are they making fun of American football? Because we'll be so irked if they are ...

  2. PS - Since the Belgian YouTube videos don't work in the USA, here's a link to Amaryllis that does:

  3. Good work! You just pipped me to it, as I was going to post it this morning anyway. The lass herself just sent me a lovely note thanking me for it, too!