Thursday, 21 January 2016

France 2016 - Sasha - Alive

So there's been some strange mutterings going on behind the scenes about the French selection. Members of the French delegation appeared to be non-commitally retweeting a link to this song between both each other and a select number of fan accounts yesterday. But does this actually mean anything?

Of course, there are many possibilities. It could actually be the truth, and they're putting the early feelers out for a song that they're considering. That would be the simple answer. But we all know this contest doesn't always provide the most obvious path to the answer. So what else could it be?

The act's manager trying to force the hand of the telly people into giving it a look? Sasha's label trawling in some clickbait ahead of a wider release of the song to make it seem like an internet smash? Or maybe just a few Eurovisionistas filling in the gaps of a perfectly innocent tweet? Who can tell. It is, however, a perfectly decent song, which, while it's never going to trawl in too many televotes, could tickle the fancy of a judge or three come 14 May.

Truth, speculation or hogwash? What do you reckon?


  1. Its the new HOD for France who primarily started it... And for what its worth, the song is tickling the fancy of the Aussie fans so far.

  2. The smart money is that he's telling his staff to get him a song just like that. But who knows what's occurring?!

  3. Hmmmm … one week later, and still no post of this magnificent example of "the song has no chance so let's throw the kitsch sink at it"? Your informants are letting you down, man!

  4. I must confess, I thought the songs in that final were so poor that I never imagined they could do something that ludicrous and didn't bother watching the final. I really must amend that oversight. Thank you for the advice!