Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lithuania 2016 - Catrinah - Be Free

OK, yes, so we've done Catrinah before with exactly the same song. You remember, the one with the giant bin bag and loopy hair. Well we wouldn't normally trouble you with a second performance - unless it was even more bonkers than the previous turn out.

So witness our lass once more - only this time dressed up as a giant Brit Award on a plinth. Yes, the song's not all that much cop, but that doesn't really matter all that much when the singer is trying this hard to make an impression.

Which all begs the question... What's she dressing up as next week?


  1. She better have plenty of ideas - there's still four weeks left if she makes it to the Final!

  2. She was amazing yesterday and the costume fits well with the song (first line especially.) The song is incredible too and she has so much passion for it, don't see anything wrong with the performance.