Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ireland 2016 - Nicky Byrne - Sunlight

After a week of speculation and half-hearted denials, the Irish have finally confessed that they are actually sending Westlife alumnus Nicky Byrne to Eurovision. Initially you're pleased at this news. The motherland are sending an established, experienced act, and we won't all have to sit through the parochial purgatory that is The Late Late Show's Eurosong special for at least another year.

But then you remember that the boy Byrne only sang something like nine minutes of lead lines of their entire multi-platinum career, and the concern starts to grow. The song itself is kind of OK, of course. It's been fine tuned by many of the old Westlife team, who've delivered a pacy-for-Westlife modern European pop song that sounds like they think the Swedes would write a tune. So far, so fifteenth place in the final.

But the words need a little close attention. Lines like "Touch who you wanna, kiss who you gotta" all sound a bit Cologne station steps on New Years Eve, and seem to be there only because they scan rather than there being any developed thought behind them. And of course you just know that it's going to be smothered into the Stockholm soil with back projections of giant Celtic knots and the usual diddly-di nonsense unless someone at RTÈ or Westlife's record company takes serious charge of the production.

So the jury is out on this one at this point. While I'm enjoying the workings in the margins, the product of the final calculation doesn't quite work out. It remains to be seen if his past life cache will have any influence on his eventual placing, but I have fears that this won't work out as well as expected, and we'll be stuck with Uncle Ryan and his Late Late Horror Show for the next twelve years again after it crashes and burns. *Shudder*


  1. Observation: When Ireland crashes and burns, the after-effects tend to be far worse than a mere Late Late Show return.

  2. Roy, have you been listening to our household's conversations? because you pretty much said EVERYTHING that Nick and I have been saying about the song. I have to say though, very radio-friendly and a serviceable entry. I couldn't help wondering if this is a bit of a coming-out entry... the lyrics are kinda going for that feel.

  3. That "Touch who you wanna" line terrifies me. I'm sure it's just intended as a positive nod to the LGBT community, but it does actually sound like a pro-groping sentiment. Can't they just change it to "Love who you wanna"?

  4. You can't compare this package with the last few because it won't be RTE working on the staging. This is the first time since 2011 and in 2011 Ireland arguably had the best staging so theres reasons to be optimistic.

  5. This year we miss out on Linda Martin shouting "You are an odious little man". That was an Irish highlight for me, watching Linda go off her nut.