Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lithuania 2016 - Catrinah - Be Free

"Hello Catrinah? Yes, this is Barbara Dex on the phone. Just getting the call in early, because we may well be speaking again later on in the spring..."

Oh. My. Days. You sometimes wonder what's going through the minds of these people when they do their costume design. Did Catrinah's management think this was and especially visual way to embody this song's plea for world freedom? Or did the lass herself think it was the best way to embody her art? Or maybe someone at Lithuanian TV suggested it for a bet, never imagining that they'd follow through on it?

Either way, that's a pretty spectacular dog's breakfast of a get up. Oh, and that reminds me - I must put the bins out...


  1. At the Swiss Expert Check, Rykka was wearing a bodice she's made out of an actual rubbish bag. Catrinah, however...

  2. the costume didn't really both me so much - it was the hair - looking like some form of dark arts teletubby!! If you're going for an up-do darling - use a piece to fill it out and balance of that voluminous skirt!