Sunday, 24 January 2016

Romania 2016 - Mihai Trăistariu - Paradisio

After much touting and teasing, with clips of a sci-fi looking video sneaking out almost weekly, and a strange will-he-won't-he rumour mill doing the rounds, a song claiming to be Mihai's long-awaited Eurovision return has illicitly snuck out onto the interwebs.

The lad himself claims to be livid, and wants to sue whoever put it up on the web, or so the story goes. A less generous commentator than I would perhaps say he should either have been more careful with his master tapes, or less teasy with his build up in the press, bless him.

But the most important thing about this song, if it is his song, is that, well, it's a bit bland. A lot bland, actually, and bereft of the charm and hooks of his previous stab at Eurovision glory. So who is going to be the winner in the battle of Eurovision diminishing returns this year? One suspects that if this does get the nod in Romania - and that's not a given by any means - it'll struggle to drag it's mid tempo bones out of whatever semi finals it's placed in.



The humourless young fella has had all iterations extinguished from the entire interwebs, so you'll have to wait a couple more days until you can hear exactly how dreary the song actually is, I'm afraid.


Well the video has finally been released, and they do appear to have spent an awful lot of time, money and expense on it. What a shame...


  1. Apparently he was *furious* that this leaked. Furious! He's in it to win it, but "Paradiso" is a forgettable club track.

  2. Just watched the video.

    (1) Posted in 2K, but windowboxed. Way to go guys.

    (2) GOD I hate the way this is going. It sure is starting to look like 2016 will be the year of the Eurovision LED Wall Contest. The lead singers can just stand backstage with their backup group and reverse-lipsync.

  3. Video's gone again. Apparently Mihai was devastated by the negative reaction to it on the internets, and has posted a lyric video to replace it.