Thursday, 14 January 2016

Finland 2016 - PÄÄ-ÄIJÄT - Shamppanjataivas

A couple of big, beefy, beardy blokes leaping about in all manner of trucker gear and pimped up showbiz suits in front of a big bouncy Eurodisco tune? Surely that's what Eurovision is for?

Of course, the rank and file will hate it. Unpretty blokes always go down badly - especially if they're singing and uptempo party number with a bit of oompah in it. But we don't care for them - they've forgotten what it is to have fun.

And think of the long game. Who would you rather spend two weeks in a great European city with - a withering, fragile girl in a shiny frock or this pair of hulking gurt eejits? I know which I'd prefer!


  1. Are they are a Finnish offshoot of your family, Mr Hacksaw? ;)

  2. They do cast an uncanny familial likeness, I must confess.

    Amusingly, at the exact moment I posted this, there was a near-identical twosome winning the big jackpot on Pointless tonight.
    (This will mean little to our abroadian readers, I confess).