Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Austria 2016 - David Siedl feat. Madeline & MC Vio - Wah Wah Whine

It's the Austrian wildcard round tomorrow. For 24 hours, and starting at 9am, you'll get the chance to vote for your fave out of five semi-baked songs, and hopefully help it to ultimate failure in its own national final. We suspect that Sara Koell is going to win, as she has form on one of those telly casting shows, but we'd rather have this little oddity take the final berth.

It's a delightful mess to be sure. Ostensibly a vehicle for classical fingerstyle guitarist David Siedl, there's a whole bag of strange stuff going on. The jangly intro jars with Dutch Antillian rapper Vio chanting over the top, then this gurt big reggaeton beat kicks in before the girl from accounts starts gyrating all over it with her voice and everybody starts to dance.

Is it any good? Not really. Do I love it? Heck yes! It'll probably come last in any poll it offers itself up to, but I'm rather taken by its awkward, wonderful charms.

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  1. So playing a Spanish guitar is the new way of pulling the ladies? lol :)