Sunday, 31 January 2016

UK 1971, 1973-78, 1980-2008 - Sir Terry Wogan - Dance Floral

The true British Eurovisionist has always had a complicated relationship with the boy Wogan. At his best he could deflate pomposity and ego with a gently barbed bon mot, and encapsulate the host city with an incredibly warm and apt turn of phrase. But at his worst, and especially towards the end of his commentary tenure, he could be a dreary and xenophobic golf club bore. But let's not think of the curmudgeonly later days. Let's instead think of him at his prime - never afraid to make himself look like a nana for a good cause.

Like here, for instance. Someone clearly thought it would be a good idea for him to release a drum 'n' bass version of The Floral Dance for the Children In Need telethon. For the first few moments the old fella looks lost on stage. But after a couple of awkward verses he stopped the music, and like a true pro asked for it to be started again, this time belting out a word perfect recital of his most famous pop tune.

As a broadcaster, TV presenter and wit who sat in the corner of our living rooms like an avuncular ghost for a big chunk of our lives, he will be sadly missed.

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