Sunday, 24 January 2016

Hungary 2016 - Reni Tolvai – Fire

It seems like someone at Hungarian telly had been mucking about in the toybox last night, because the first big A Dal qualifier was full of all manner of props and McGuffins. You had musical boxes with life sized ballerinas and toy soldiers, park benches and lamp posts, a terrified girl suspended high above the stage from a flimsy looking crescent moon, and all manner of superfluous drummers and dancers just marching about.

But the one that bewildered us the most was this - a Lara Croft-alike in her going out clothes attached to a gurt big parachute, while a bunch of lads in American footballer garb stamped about to the side of her. What does it all mean? I haven't the foggiest, but the crowd seem to be having the best of nights!

Can't wait to see what nonsense they're going to offer us next week!


  1. I think is a good song,last night were some good songs,but there were songs that I don't like.If it's nonsense watch the last 10 uk entries :) exept 2013 and '14

  2. I meant nonsense in a positive way, Roli. I love shows that try and put as much showbiz and stuff into their songs!

  3. OMG there's close to nothing I liked in this entry. I like a kitchen-sink thrown in as much as the next ESC fan, but this made even less sense than Amaryllis from Belgium! When the best thing of the entry is the dancer's triceps, you know you're in trouble.