Sunday, 24 January 2016

UK 2016 - TBC - A Better Man

So, in the middle of last week, someone claiming to be working on behalf of one of the UK's six songwriters put out a call for young male singers to sing one of the songs. At this point it is unclear as to whether they were genuine or mischief making - but it does seem like an awful lot of trouble to go to just to trick the fansites into posting a hooky song.

Unusually though, the people who'd heard it said that the song seemed half decent - no real vote lure,  but a well-constructed mid-tempo plodder, with nice minor key chorus undertones and scope for a good looking boy to ooze a whole barrel of charm all over it.

Those in the know had been asked to keep the whole project under their hats, but this afternoon this little clip snuck out onto YouTube. Is it really one of our six finalists? I guess we'll have to wait until dear old Ken Bruce makes his proclamation at the back end of February, but it does seem pretty feasible.

What do you lot reckon?


  1. Hmmmm … could be. It's certainly pedestrian enough to fit in with the legitimate entries we've been handed so far.

    One argument against it - it's 10 seconds too long. (Perhaps they're using Mans Zelmerlow's stopwatch?)

    I love how the UK fans in the comments are already rending their garments in sorrow over what's - at most - clearly a demo.

  2. I'm thinking that any three-minute song we're hearing at this stage is going to be a rejected NF entry, maybe even a shortlisted one that didn't make the final cut.

    The BBC would have the six finalist on lockdown and I can't imagine they'd be released either formally by record companies on informally like this demo before the official reveal date.

    But 'tis the season for the rejected songs to be unleashed upon the world, whether as proper singles (like that one by the Northernettes) or as bitter "The BBC rejected this! Tell us wot u think!!!!" uploads.

  3. Funnily enough it didn't come to me by a traditional route, and I had to go around the houses to get a listen of it. Having said that, I am beginning to suspect that mischief is afoot and somebody, for whatever reason, has been fishing for people to bite on this story.

    I'm rooting around for more info as we speak!