Thursday, 12 January 2017

Spain 1990 - Azúcar Moreno - Bandido

The best moment of the season so far came not from a competing artist, but from and act from getting on for thirty years ago having a run though of their hit during a sub-final - and in Spain of all places.

We're not usually prone to moments of deep nostalgia, but to see the act who are aguably the only truly great Spanish entry since the eighties prowling lustily around the small stage, and smouldering at the crowd.

They might both be in their mid-fifties these days, but they exuded more pure sex power in three wonderful minutes than the sum total of every female-led act of the last five years combined. And yes, I'm especially including Poland 2014 in that list! If only the lifeless young waifs of the cmmen era could give it anything like that amount of welly.


  1. I thought I had pushed way into the back of my mind all those family weddings and my numerous aunts all strutting their stuff and bellowing out the words to so many naff songs played at the receptions...this has brought that all flooding back!

    You do realise that this is now going to keep me awake at night, don't you? :)

  2. Would have been better with a backing music fail.

    That's my favourite moment ever!