Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Romania 2017 - Banda Hoinarii - Balkanitza

This is more like it. Up to now those Romanian songs that have crept out have been the usual dreary mix of winsome ladies in shiny clothes singing slightly danceable songs about love, or blokes in dubious shirts singing slightly janglier songs about love. Yeah, no fun there.

So thank heavens for this crew. A proper good old fashioned South East European hoedown, with shouty vocals, lots of yipping, and an unavoidable urge to join hands and dance around in circles. Exactly what we want!

And judging by some of the textual proclamations, they've got a nice little punky edge to them, too. So we can only whole-heartedly approve of this kind of larky! It's not been confirmed that it's one of the submitted songs, but we sincerly hope that it is!

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