Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Latvia 2017 - Crime Sea - Escape

Remember Mntha? You remember, the kookie blue-haired minimalist who ran the sainted Aminata a close thing in the battle of the mad-haired electronica ladies in Supernova a couple of years back. Well she's returned, and this time she's mob handed.

Together with her sidekicks in Crime Sea she's delivered another sparse, atmosphere-drizzled event - only this time it's run through with bright pop edges and nursery rhyme choruses, and we must say that we really kinda like it.

We're fascinated to see what she's going to do with this on the live stage. It's our fave of the already-declared Latvian tunes so far. They're surely not going to go for another spot of the minimal for the third time in a row are they? There must be something in the water up that way, for sure!


  1. Maybe just me but is there a slight undercurrent of something from 'Smalltown Boy' in this?

  2. ATM our household thinks that as a song it's not interesting enough, but we don't dislike it. Something about it needs sprucing up and an interesting live-performance would pay great dividends.