Thursday, 26 January 2017

Lithuania 2017 - Aistė Pilvelytė - I'm Like A Wolf

Things just got a bit real. We've been hearing for weeks about how a tiny Latvian songwriter of our favour had penned a song for perpetual nearly-was Aiste Pilvelyte in Lithuania this year. Well here it finally is, and it's bang on trend on the sparse and moody Baltic electronica front.

However, we've also been hearing reports from the frontline that she made an absolute mess of it in the recording in the week, and was allowed to have another go at it - much to the consternation of the other artists in the show. But most noteworthy of all, after all that she still managed to get the top marks from the judges.

So, is it written in the stars for Aiste?


  1. This is over-produced, not nearly melodic enough and she is clearly not the right singer for this song.

  2. Aminata would have killed this - I can hear her singing it in my head so, so much better than this...