Sunday, 8 January 2017

Lithuania 2017 - Tadas Rimgaila & Samanta Tīna - Tavo Oda

Samanta Tīna, bless her for trying, has had a long and often difficult relationship with this tournament. A frequent near-miss in the Latvian process, she had one of the stand out moments of last year's qualifiers when she dressed up as Nefertiti and electrocuted a mime, before deciding she didn't want to progress any further in contest at the last possible moment.

So after trying everything bar the kitchen sink back home, she's popped next door and had a go over there. And again, her performance was nothing less than entertaining. This time her standard prog-tinged ballad was shared with an unfortunately surnamed hunk, and they writhe artistically (if not a little uncomfortably) throughout, with some terrific camerawork.

But then, pretty much on the minute mark, something a little bit odd happens, and you spend the rest of the song wondering if they've done it on purpose. It turns out that they had, but surely it wasn't executed quite as well as they'd rehearsed - which was a shame, because it was a nice idea, but one that spent waaaay too long getting to the pay off.

Sadly our Samanta fell at the first hurdle in a massive field of 61, which is a shame because not only was this more interesting than at least half of the songs that made it through, but we're convinced that she'd make an excellent impact on an international stage one of these days... one way or another.


  1. So is that "The Vilnius Look"? I don't think that Georgia May Jagger has anything to fear from this showing lol

    I have to say I prefered Samantha when she sung with a massive bird's poo on her head...

  2. I totally agree with you, Roy. That lipstick-spearing wasn't a terrible idea, and it definitely has an effect, but it really needs to be a theme for the entire performance. It's what you call in Theatre "an unresolved gestalt". The audience is no longer thinking about the song or the performance until that smear is addressed, be it an accident or intentional. If it happens only at the end of the song, it completely defeats the purpose of having it because no-one was listening anymore.

  3. It's like a Bonjela advert gone horribly wrong.