Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Lithuania 2017 – Queens of Roses – Fisherman

Most times in this life it’s best to work by the maxim that less is more. But not in Eurovision, and especially not in Lithuania, if this complete and utter kitchen sink of a song is anything to go by. In fact, it’s difficult to know where to start on it.

It’s got the traditional three smouldering women, each with one of the three standard hair configurations – blonde, black and a bit ginger. Then they’ve dressed them up in different riffs on a familiar theme – yep, those turn-of-the-century glittery frocks are making a comeback – but somehow they’ve managed to make even that jar a bit. Yes, what were they thinking with the black-haired girl’s garb? Even Barbara Dex wants to give her stylist a punch.

Lastly there’s the song, which is either a bawdy allusion to men trawling for ladies – replete with the nudge nudge wink wink refrain of ‘Be careful what you catch!” – or it is actually a song about men who catch fish. Although we’d expect the girls to be dressed in Aran sweaters and sowesters if that was really the case. Actually, that might have been slightly less silly…


  1. It's that very real possibility that this song is about actual fishermen. Genius!

  2. Well, as you said, where do we start? the costumes look like a badly executed student project, the head-choreography is laughable and their singing is rather atrocious. Plus, they look like they hate each-other. Finally - the song. I don't mind having elements from ten, twenty or even thirty years ago and modernizing them. I love a throwback as much as the next gay Eurovision fan. But that actually sounds like a song from 15 years ago. Eurovision 2002 would have loved this. But it sounds like a a song that even Afrodite rejected. I know... meow. Just keepin' it real.