Saturday, 14 January 2017

Lithuania 2017 - Rugilė Daujotaitė - Perkūne Ugniaveidi

So where do we begin with this Lithuanian marvel? The wild-staring eyes, and slightly wilder hair? The random noodly folk jazz techno stuff that you can quite pin a description on? The flowing goddessly robes? The girl with the under-used horn? The, erm, singing? The least convincing sword in all showbiz history?

This is a beauty to behold from start to finish. Watch it, then watch it again to make sure you really did see all that.

Oh, and lightning. Loads of lightning!


  1. I love how everyone references anything bordering on Fantasy is immediately linked to Game Of Thrones, even by Lithuanian judges! LOTR, you're yesterday's news...

    Not sure how she could have topped that if she had qualified, tbh...

  2. I think the best moment of the entire bizzaro-world performance is actually just as she finishes her wailing and she smiles in complete and utter appreciation of her own marvel. gerl feelin' herself!

  3. Now this is what I came here for. Like horses, unite now!

    1. Also that lightning effect reminds me of when I used to play Golden Axe on my friend's Sega Mega Drive back in the early 90s. I'm pretty sure there was a dwarf character who summoned lightning in the exact same way.

  4. All those people who so snootily say "I'm not watching anything until the finals in May". Let them miss these gems, the fools!