Thursday, 26 January 2017

Georgia 2017 - Eos - Urban Signs

We've been waiting for this moment for the best part of the week, and it's finally arrived - yes, cancel whatever else you're doing... the performances from the Georgian final are finally on YouTube! Woo hoo! And genuinely, we don't know where to start, because there's so much Apocalypse gold on display. But Eos seem as good a place as anywhere.

So it all starts a bit plod rocky, but don't be deterred, and keep your eyes on the singer. His ungainly deportment and slightly stretched vocals become instantly aparent, and once he starts leaping about, stooped and with his hands grabbing at his ears you become instantly glued to the screen. But wait, what's that white stick doing on the floor? Oh my, he's blind, isn't he. Now don't we feel bad. But still, that was quite a performance however you care to look at it.

But if you start to get bored of what is a singularly dreary song, please do stick with it to the bitter end, as there's some rare gems throughout. Of special note is the perhaps least energetic drummer we've ever seen, and a final note that's so unusual that they don't even have a letter for it yet. This is why we watch the qualifying rounds. Pure, spun gold.

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