Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ukraine 2012 - Vitaly Halay - I Want To Love

Sometimes it's not the a complete song that's worthy of note, but the odd small passage within. Even the biggest duffer of a tune can harbour a dynamite sequence that'll thoroughly knock your socks off.

Likewise, an otherwise untoward little ditty can hide something of such ear-popping splendor that you just have to share the joy. Which is what I'm doing here.

Poor Vitaly. His unremarkable little mid tempo trawl is plodding along nicely, minding his own business, when at around the 2:15 mark he begins to go feral, and for a few short seconds reaches a peach of true screeching fabulosity that even his own nan was probably shaking her head in dismay.

See if you've got the bottle to watch it twice!

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