Friday, 17 February 2012

Italy 2012 - Gigi D'Alessio & Loredana Bertè – Respirare

My word Sanremo is full of value. We're three days in and we've only shed two artists, and this curious pairing have been kicked out and then reinstalled in a repercharge.

They're a funny couple, it must be said. He's got a couple of dozen albums under his belt, and used to be practically owned by Napoli's Gommorah gangs. She's the ex-model and ex-wife of Bjorn Bjorg - you know, the one that led him to nearly top himself. She's also the sister of the late Italian Eurovision legend Mia Martini.

So you would expect with that track record behind them that this would be a song of some style and grace. But they're not like us, the Italians…

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