Monday, 13 February 2012

Norway 2012 - Tooji - Stay

Norway selected on Saturday night, and rather than the slightly nationalist pub folk band that everyone thought was going to win, a rather likable young lad called Tooji stormed the public vote with this belting dance tune.

He already has his critics, who suggest he's just the latest in an obvious pretty boy furrow following Saade, Zermelow, Saucedo and their ilk, but his was one of the few songs with any kind of oomph about it at the weekend, and when coupled with its strong dance routine already looks a fair bet for a top ten finish in May.

And being born Iran-born, he should be ready for that Azeri climate too

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  1. I had my heart set on the pub folk band, but this is certainly catchy. Can he just take that stupid hood off please?

  2. He does, Samso, about 30 seconds in!

    I don't know,where's the mystery...