Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Turkey 2012 - Can Bonomo - Love Me Back

So Turkey did their traditional reveal during a micro-gig in the middle of the national news. The boy Bonomo began the show with somewhat of a difficult tune in a very unfamiliar time signature, and the Eurovision forums lit up in fear that this was actually the song. Hold hard, young folk, you've got some waiting to do yet.

Next came a short chat with that Azeri woman who's been cropping in finals all over the place, before a nice little films about Can himself. then came the moment. All was poised, the song began, and... oh...

His folksy little sea shanty is kind of OK, but sounds as though he's specifically written a song for Eurovision, rather than treating us to some of his more energetic usual schtick. I sense though it might be a grower. Which is alright for we fan types, but not much cop for a televised competition.. Hmm, the jury's out on this one at the mopment.

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