Monday, 20 February 2012

Israel 2012 - Izabo - Time

(This video is prone to disappearing occasionally, so keep checking back if it's popped off for a bit.)

In a week of rumour and disinformation, a number of songs purporting to be this year's Israeli entries have popped up on the internet, only to be proved as fakes. However, the latest one is causing a bit more consternation and has yet to be either confirmed or denied.

Sounding like an middle eastern disco take on a recent Flaming Lips offcut, it's got the kind of fun and quirky bounce to it that might just sneak it into a decent place on the final scoreboard.

But is it the actual real song? We can't be sure, but we kinda hope it is!

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  1. Well, it is the song alright, but not the final version of it, though. Izabo have officially commented that they don't know who leaked the song to the net, but that there are a few changes that they want done to the song before it's official release. I (an an Israeli) am refusing to listen to the song until it actually is released in its' final version. According to what I've heard of the band, I'm optimistic....

  2. Go on, Ido... just one, tiny, glimpse...

    You'll love it...